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uraccountcrashed is a legacy player of the Mega Man RPG Prototype with a current battle point total of 3,608,619,115 and a zenny total of 116,195,205. uraccountcrashed created their account on August 30th, 2013 and has since completed 1090 different missions, unlocked 3 playable characters, 38 robot fighters, 95 special abilities, and 1024 field stars. uraccountcrashed's most-used playable character is Dr. Cossack, and their top 5 favourite robots appear to be Time Man, Rhythm, Roll, Flash Man and Disco. Prior to the game-changing battle point reboot of 2016, uraccountcrashed had amassed a grand total of 117,673,607,030 battle points and reached 12th place.

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Ura's Mugshot Hey, everybody! I'm uraccountcrashed. I used to be twelfth on the leader board, but my genius was personally recognized and I was granted leeway into this very prestigious position in the prototype. Now all I need is a position of power... Muahahahahahaha...

charge-man And I'm gonna be the new avatar after the update!

charge-man time-man magnet-man

My festive names are:
Halloween: uraCountDracula
Christmas: uraChrisKringled
Will probably be updated whenever...
I have many faces...
Ura's Mugshot
My eyes closed
When I'm mad (never)
Huehuehue! That's funny!
Wait, what?

About me:
Well, since Michael the Ghost is going to be such a stickler about it...

I am a huge gamer and academic pursuant. My favorite games series are Mega Man, Pokémon, Splinter Cell and InFamous. I am also currently reading the Splinter Cell novel series. Quite exciting, I'd recommend it! I don't live with my parents; only 2 female guardians. I reside in New New México (or as you plebeians pronounce it, "Texas"), so I really stand out in a crowd. My town is small, the ones next to it are bigger. We're getting a Whataburger here!

15 Facts you probably didn't know about me (in no particular order...)!
=I love to play Pokémon Card duels with my friends and my deck types are Grass and Psychic. I also play Yu-Gi-Oh!, but I'm much better at Pokémon. To see some of my favorite deck recipes, check below.
=I am an National Honor Society student of >3.5 GPA.
=I never wear T-Shirts; only collared shirts. Seriously. Like, I work on my car and at the gym wearing a collared shirt, no joke.
=Blue is my favorite color. Light, but not too light. Like... Cyan, almost. I pronounce that SIGH-ann. Not SEE-ann. Quirk.
=My favorite Pokémon is, of course, the adorable Espurr! I even have his Tomy plushie.
=I am 17 years old.
=I used to have a PS4 and PS3. They were taken by my other brothers back to Dallas, TX. It's okay to cry if you want.
=I am white (if for some reason you couldn't tell).
=For some reason, every time I catch a Klefki in Pokémon, I name it Gerald, regardless of gender. I'm not sure why, but something feels right about it.
=I think I may have multiple personalities! Not Schizophrenia, but I only experience subtle changes. However, they are all still me, but... Tweaked. I have a regular, a sad/desireful, a giggly and an... "Off" one. "Off" meaning... "Not right". If there are more, I don't know them. EDIT: I found out. 'Tis Asperger's. Yoy.
=I've never studied a day in my life. Go figure.
=My favorite food is hamburgers. Steak and Shake burgers, especially.
=My father is deceased.
=I got kicked out of the Temple Academy in 2nd or maybe 3rd for a drawing. It was Caleb getting hit with a piano. I was a good kid (Thumbs up)!
=I am... Very hard to rustle. I can't ever, no matter how hard I think I try, get mad at someone. If I do, it's only a joke. Guaranteed.

For a full body sprite of me, here is the MusicalKitty description. (Actually my first sprite ever! It is awful, I know.)

My favorite Pokémon deck recipes are as follows:

4 Scyther Four of these.
4 Hitmonchan Four of these.
4 Electabuzz Four of these.
18 of whatever trainers you want (I usually like Mas Elixirs).
4 Bill/Whatever "Draw 2 cards" Support is used nowadays...
4 Team Flare Grunt (For stalling, of course.)
11 Fighting
10 Electric
4 Double Colorless

This deck is known as "Haymaker" and can almost take on almost anyone.

2 Mewtwo (Level 53) This guy right here.
56 Psychic Energy
2 Maintenance

This one is called "Impregnable Barrier" (Not by me). Uses Mewtwo's Barrier attack to stall until your opponent runs out of cards. You just put energy on Mewtwo every turn and use Barrier. The Maintenance gets extra cards in your deck if you went first and your opponent doesn't draw any extra cards.

4 Abra
4 Dratini I like this one, it has a paralysis attack.
4 Dragonair The old one, of course.


Unused Sprite Animation from BN
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