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Hello, you guys probably know me. You know, Genius billionaire Mega Man playing philanthropist? Well, besides all that, I actually have an active role in certain parts of the Prototype, namely the bios! Now, most of you probably don't care about what I do or maybe who I am, but perhaps this will peek your interest? Of course, for those of you who might actually be interested, you'll learn the guide on how I do it, as the reason in which I made this thread!(And to get my own little how-to thread in news, like MMX100, Sean, and Brorman. Their contributions might matter more to the game, but my processes are important too!)

By the way, the staff who work on the bios are me, SpinStrike, and CHAOS_FANTAZY. If you want to help PM me or contact me through my Gmail,

crystal-manFirst, ask Adrian. It's HIS fan-game, so he decides how he wants it!

Well, before starting any bio, you always want to make sure that you check up the Mega Man Knowledge Base to check if the facts you're going to put are actually verified by the All-Knowing itself. Having to rewrite any bio because you put down wrong information on the robot is a rookie mistake. Now, are you a rookie? No!(maybe) Check the facts! If you're not sure what's been put down is canon, check the CD database from Mega Man and Bass(or perhaps the field guide, either one...)
guts-manActually, check the Database/Field Guide every time! Time consuming, yes, but better results are worth the time! Despite this being a fan-game, we still need to have canon facts!At least, that's how you start.

Next is making the bio, right? Wrong! I like to start by going into the database. Another time-consuming thing to do, but it's important. You may not realize it, but Spriters, Staters, Bioers and Quoters actually depend each other(at least, on my side of things). We each get inspiration for things from each others work, as each of us are tasked with providing something with personality. It's nice for us to be consistent, right? For example, I actually had to check the sprites to see if Top Man had a spin sprite and also not a dizzy defeat sprite which thankfully, he does/doesn't. It would have resulted in downgraded work, which you should always try to avoid. Actually, that's a terrible example. I'll remember something better tommorow.

Now it's time to make the bios! Wrong! Next we need to...Wait, you're right!

Typically the bio starts with "[X] was made to do [Y]." It might sound bad at first, but works best with everything else I include. Also, making each robot similar in bios is the best thing you can do, as demonstrated in these statements.

top-man"First created to find energy elements on foreign planets"-top-man

bright-man"First created to light areas too dark for human eyes"-bright-man

toad-man"A series created for irrigation of crops during times of drought"-toad-man

bubble-man"Being the first series to be created for underwater use,"-bubble-man

A bit too many "first", but this will be remedied later.
I like to follow up with "[X] found that [Y] could do [Z]" or something along those lines....

toad-man"they found that they could create rain of acid."-toad-man

hard-manOnly one example? Perhaps I'm too lazy......

pharaoh-man"the Pharaoh Man unit has great control over fire and such."

Or not.....

Did I mention we need to refer to them as units? Confusing, right?! snake-man

Next we talk about their abilities! It doesn't always have to be their weapon first, maybe something stat related or something about the first statement? You do need to mention the weapon somewhere though! You could also include something from trivia or the story! Heck, the doctors's bio mentions a certain "Prototype"...... turbo-man

"Heat Man’s Atomic Fire is a powerful flame attack that gets stronger upon use, and a few select individuals claim they’ve seen Heat Man use a similar move to Fire Man’s Fire Chaser." heat-man

heat-manWhy is Heat Man not referred to as an unit? Wait, I'll get to that!.

Next is personality! Stay as true to the games as you can! You can also mention other's opinion on it, things and hobbies they do, and even rumors that spread about what they do!

"A rumor in the robot community says that Gemini Man spends his time looking at his clones, much like a mirror. He has shown traits of narcissism, but any mention of a snake makes him run for the hills, let alone compliment his ego."gemini-man

gemini-manNo mention to a unit?!

Now, you can also say how they spend their days, although this is often rare in my work.

"Time Man has found use as the top researcher at the Chronos Time-Space Institute and has finished work with other workers on a “Time Skipper”"

Last but not least is the ending statement! Work is the only thing that can explain it!
skull-manThis is the end for you....

elec-man"While he might brag a bit too much, he can always protect the innocent with electrifying proficiency."

oil-manDespite being an oil-bot, this seems to be to his advantage in battle, as the enemies don’t seem to want to covered in oil...and defeat.

guts-man"Guts Man may have muscles of steel, but he has a heart of gold."

You can also mention something notable they've done/tried!

wood-man"Wood Man is also trying to spot the illustrious Bigfoot, but hasn't had much luck......"

That's it for today! Join us next time when we.....

dive-manOh wait! I forgot! Anyway, The reason why some mention units and some don't?

......Because Adrian changed his mind on how he wants it! That's how it is in this line of work, everything is subject to change! The multiple versions you saw at the beginning are the old ones and the one's based on the originals only(singular) are the new ones that I'm revising for each robot! It'll take some time, but the result will be much better!

BTW: Don't blame Adrian. It's fine. I can redo it without any problems! It just requires time. Trust me, I'm glad Adrian asked me to do that!

I'll leave you with sneak peeks.....

time-manTime Man

time-manTime Man was created for research on time, but unforeseen time restraints stopped production on Time Man. The main problem, however was his confusing algorithm system that Dr. Light thought would make him too “Powered Up” compared to other robots, so he thought he’d hold off on the project. Sometime not far after, Dr. Wily stole him and completed him, although not without some flaws. Time Man was originally supposed to be able to stop time completely for a few short seconds, but now he can only slow down time for a few seconds. To make up for this, Dr. Wily gave him the Time Arrow to slow down opponents and damage them. Time Man prefers for everything to be on time, and he even plans his day out the week before! Time Man has found use as the top researcher at the Chronos Time-Space Institute and has finished work with other workers on a “Time Skipper”, although it requires a large amount of energy, which was unfortunately wasted when Dr. Wily stole it for his nefarious purposes. Time Man does annoy others with his schedule, but it seems this way gives him a lot of proficiency...And allows him end battles all the quicker.

ice-manIce Man
Created to function under cold climate conditions, Ice Man has an advantage in the snow. His Ice Slasher is a sharp piece of ice they release to freeze opponents, that can practically be on fire. Ice Man is a show-off because he believes he is the coolest bot out there, and the admiration from Freeze Man doesn’t hurt his ego. Ice Man loves having snow fights and Winter, but he hates Saunas, due to feeling stuffy in them. Although one might suppose Ice Man can’t function well in hot environments, he performs averagely well in them. Whether he is the coolest robot might just come from his inflated ego , the fighters who have tumbled with Ice Man might support that belief.

rollAnd Roll
rollOriginally created to clean houses and other things, Roll has lately shown signs of wanting to help out in the battle. Although one might not suspect so, Roll shows great gymnastic skill and can even fight even with the simplest of household items such as brooms and vacuums. However, Roll, befitting her nature, prefers to support her teammates with the Roll Buster, a buster that does not hurt opponents, but rather hinder the opponent's defense. Roll decided that this was the best way to help her brother, so she equipped multiple busters on her, being known by robots all over the world as “The Queen of Busters”. Although at first being a damsel in distress, she has grown to be a great help on the battlefield.

top-manAnd these ones even Adrian hasn't put his peepers on! (Not finalized, subject to change)

metal-manMetal Man

metal-manMetal Man is an robot with upgrades based on the Cut Man series and use this to fight with deadly skill. He has the Metal Blade, one of the most deadliest attacks ever created and legend suggests that it can take down an entire army. Metal Man has great speed and likes to fight on conveyor belts, switching the direction every so often to confuse the opponent. he has been called the dentist of the future, jokingly due to the large Metal Blade on his head. Metal Man is often sarcastic and not to be trusted by anyone, which is a major contrast to Cut Man. His hobbies include playing with flying discs but the game is ruined for him when a dog catches it instead. Metal Man is extremely deadly, but some rumors suggest he can be defeated with his own weapon, the Metal Blade....

air-manAir Man

air-manA robot made only for combat, Air Man has an unusual and intimidating look, being the first of many to use this look. Air Man attacks by using wind, creating powerful tornadoes to slash the opponent with the wind. Air Man can also push back his opponents to the edge of the field and with the right wind speed, he can create a hurricane the size of a skyscraper and a half! Air Man is somewhat of an egoist and can talk for such long periods of time that even an auctioneer would find it exasperating. He likes to wind-surf with “Item-2” and play the Japanese card game Menko. It’s been said that Air Man is undefeatable, but perhaps the rumor was spread by Air Man himself?

heat-manHeat Man

heat-manA robot created to burn, Heat Man can burn up to 12,000 degrees with his Atomic Fire. He was created from Fire Man's blueprints, directly upgrading all his abilities, including the Fire Storm. Heat Man’s Atomic Fire is a powerful flame attack that gets stronger upon use, and a few select individuals claim they’ve seen Heat Man use a similar move to Fire Man’s Fire Chaser . He doesn’t care much for his work and does it without any care, although this may cause some accidents in the workplace. Heat Man likes to invite friends to his summer barbecues, but dislikes going to pool parties and buying ice cream. Heat Man may seem like a ripoff of Fire Man’s design, but the same fire is in their hearts.

shadow-manAnd lastly....Magnet Man! Check the new bios in a few days! I would reveal more, but I think I've revealed enough......

magnet-manMagnet Man was made to control incredible magnetic disasters if the occasion ever arrived. Although he was never able to fulfill that role, Dr. Wily found a new use for him. Dr. Wily modified him to have the Magnet Missile, a magnet-shaped object that can follow any robot to their doom. He can also attract robots to his position with his magnetic powers, but that requires heavy mastery of his powers. Magnet Man is good in the field of management, but he has an abrasive personality and has no sense of direction. Magnet Man was also ordered to stay away from as many electronic devices as he can due to easily corrupting them. Magnet Man is notably the first robot to ever truly love another robot, but that relationship ended quick when Magnet Man accidentally ruined his mate’s cell phone. Magnet Man then used that experience to create the first hit song made by a robot.

balladeBye now!enkerHope you enjoyed!punk

Yours Truly
metmetMecha Bios

killer-bulletYes, there is more!


Mecha Bios!!!
Yes, as you may have noticed, there are now Mecha Bios in the database. And yes, there is a process as well!
quick-man quick-manMecha Bios, unlike robot bios, CAN be referred to as an unit because we see plenty of mechas in one level, confirming there is a line of these mechanical baddies! A good thing to do ,again is to check the wiki. It's best to have the best results you can! The mechas don't have much personality though, but trivia can easily make up for that! SpinStrike says that he checks the stats and the robots, deducing what purposes could go with the robot, as well as the field it's located at to find out what it does besides "Kill Mega Man".(I'm looking at you, Met!)top-mantop-man

This little strategy he's got works out wonderfully well! Perhaps you'd like to see his work?
tackle-fireThe Tackle Fire series, originally dubbed the Changkey, are living fireballs capable of generating temperatures up to 1500°C. A single Tackle Fire can melt through steel with ease.tackle-fire
flutter-flyThe Flutter Fly series was created alongside Time Man as part of a short-lived partnership between Light Labs and the Chronos Institute. Like Time Man himself, Dr. Wily stole most of the incomplete Flutter Flies and reprogramed them for combat shortly after his first defeat.flutter-fly
tellyThe Telly series was built for security and police work in urban areas. Their photoreceptors house a pair of high-definition security cameras, as well as thermal and night vision systems. While most Tellies have limited offensive capabilities, Dr. Wily has installed flamethrower similar to Heat Man’s Atomic Fire system on some of his stolen units.telly
battonThe Batton series serve as wardens for nature preserves and parks. Scientists have used Battons to study rare and elusive species up-close without disturbing their habitats. At one point, they were highly sought after as pets.
mag-flyThe Mag Fly series is used in warehouses, docks, and scrapyards across the word. Their powerful electromagnets can haul up to 200 kilograms of cargo.mag-fly
spin-fiendFollowing his second defeat at the hands of Mega Man, Dr. Wily was left with dozens of destroyed Fan Fiends. Thusly, he used their components to create the Spin Fiend series, capable of firing top-shaped explosives from their chest cavities.spin-fiend

Want to see the rest? Check out the database!

And yes, I'm going to have Field bios come sometime soon.

And here's a short little preview.....
The Underground Laboratory was a secret laboratory for the government, specializing in use of lasers for combat, but Wily’s hacking revealed the location to Quick Man, who stole ownership. Swift and Lasers work well here, but Space and Crystal will suffer difficulties. The Spring Heads move constantly around the Laboratory, delivering strong Swift attacks to your team. Top Man likes to come and spin around the lasers, trying to challenge himself to achieve his goal to be the best dancer.

The Massimo Mill, also known as the Steel Mill was one of the leading producers of steel, and Fire Man knew this well when he took it over, planning to cut off delivery of steel to the rest of the world. The intense heat boosts fiery attacks, although the opposite happens for attacks that rely on water or nature. The Tackle Fires are off-products of the flames here, having a MC chip(Mecha Control Chip) somehow inserted inside them. Heat Man likes to sneak in here without Fire Man’s knowing, sometimes stealing some steel for the Atomic Furnace.

The Reflection Chamber was a large series of glaciers taken over by Gemini Man, but what was unique about these glaciers was the inside of the glaciers. Inside, the glaciers were entirely contained of an alien-like mineral, Magna Quartz. The Magna Quartz has a special quality that gives power to Crystal and Laser attacks, but weakens Shadow and Explode attacks. Three different types of Nitrons guard the Magna Quartz, attacking any who get near. Crystal Man has been seen attempting to break in and steal the Magna Quartz, but it seems he hasn’t had much luck.

Found accidentally by Pharaoh Man while under Wily’s control, he decided to use the ancient temple for his base of operations. Because the magic of the ancient people still linger on here, Flame, Shadow, and Earth attacks are boosted, but because no winds have touched this place in thousands of years, Wind attacks are weakened. The Pyre Fly, based off designs in the murals inside, attack with a strange type of flame. Flame Man likes to come and analyze the objects found within the temple with Pharaoh Man, in which they found a huge drawing on a hidden room, featuring multiple weird beings. Some of these drawings show figures resembling the Stardroids and Duo, but there are other figures that are unrecognizable.

quick-manThey call me the Law around these parts....quick-man
All in a Day's Work: Boss Bios
Posted by MegaBossMan on June 21st, 2014 at 11:31pm
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Posted on June 22nd, 2014 at 4:30pm #1
Some good stuff BossMan! Make sure you keep up the work!

To be honest, I didn't think that the bios actually HAD a layout. Always thought you just did it. Heh, you learn something new every day, right?
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Posted on June 22nd, 2014 at 8:47pm #2
Just to document this, 8:46 6/22/2014 is the first time that anybody has reached 100 billion! This is a huge stepping stone for the Prototype! Now, who wants to reach 1 trillion first?
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Posted on June 22nd, 2014 at 9:40pm #3
and it was the day of my birthday! still is...
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Posted on June 22nd, 2014 at 9:52pm #4 ( Edited : 2014/06/22 at 9:56pm )
Happy Birthday! To you, and the achievement!
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Posted on June 23rd, 2014 at 10:10am #5
thanks :D i am glad that the same day my birthday is, you got 100,000,000,000! that is awesome!
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Posted on June 23rd, 2014 at 10:17am #6
happy late b day coolbie i glad megabossman got 100 batle pointa
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Posted on June 23rd, 2014 at 10:19am #7
you mean 100,000,000,000. and i created my account on april 25th and ive gotten into the top 50. tell me MegaBossMan, how did you get alot of battle points?
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Posted on June 23rd, 2014 at 12:10pm #8

Lots of time and effort. And PvP of course.
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Posted on June 23rd, 2014 at 12:43pm #9 ( Edited : 2014/06/23 at 12:45pm )
what did you say? i dont have a life? also, have you played mega man xtreme 1 or 2? thats how they spell it. literally.
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Posted on June 23rd, 2014 at 1:32pm #10
@coolbie16 : He meant me, due to my ridiculous score.

To get a lot of battle points, you have to win a lot of battles. It's taken me HOURS to get this score, so I think I'll take a break from playing, unfortunately.

And yes, I have played it. It's gud. So gud. Course, Xtreme 2 is better due to the inclusion of Zero, so variety.
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Posted on June 23rd, 2014 at 2:02pm #11
oh... i see! and i see that you like xtreme 1 and 2.
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Posted on June 23rd, 2014 at 10:27pm #12 ( Edited : 2014/06/23 at 10:32pm )
To celebrate Plug Man's addition to the sprite club, I will release another bio! (Adrian HAS seen this one, no worries)

gemini-manGemini Man

gemini-man Gemini Man was first created to be the prototype idea of an cloning project, that sadly never got lifted in motion . He has the weapon known as Gemini Laser, a beam that bounces off walls to lay multiple hits on opponents. He can also clone himself up to four times, making him a VERY strategic fighter and can confuse most opponents before they even realize which one is real. A rumor in the robot community says that Gemini Man spends his time looking at his clones, much like a mirror. He has shown traits of narcissism, but any mention of a snake makes him run for the hills, let alone compliment his ego. If you ever fight against him, make sure you’re fighting the right one.

Adrian, this one has minor changes! Read it! Use this one! By the way, not so many left! Bio Update tomorrow maybe?!

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Posted on June 27th, 2014 at 1:17am #13 ( Edited : 2014/06/27 at 1:56pm )
Hey guys, something seems......different about the database.....What is it, you ask? Check for yourself!

Note: Fix Cut Man, Guts Man and Rhythm
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Posted on June 27th, 2014 at 6:15am #14
now data base have bios on the player and robot
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Posted on July 1st, 2014 at 2:34pm #15
These are cool bios because you get to find out things that you didn't know about the robot masters!
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